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Select Academy

Following the US Soccer Federation Player Developmental Model, Stones River Futbol Club’s Select Academy is meant to serve our U9-U12 age groups.  The term “academy” is important to the Federation and to our organization because the primary focus at these age groups is on player development.  Results on the field are important for a host of reasons; but they are not the primary objective of our Select Academy.  Our goal is to prepare young people for competitive play at the 11v11 level.  The aim of the academy is to provide players with the tools, knowledge, and skill set that will make their transition to the tactical side of the game an easy, effective, and efficient one.

What to Expect:  Local travel is to be expected.  Friendlies played most weekends - either at Rotary Soccer Park or at the venues of local clubs.  Tournament play is part of the Academy program, but is limited to one “overnight” event per season.  

Level of Play:  Developmental to advanced.  We understand that many players come to “competitive” soccer at different phases in their development cycle.  We gladly offer opportunities for all players looking to make a greater commitment to the game than a recreational setting can afford.  

Previous Playing Experience Required:  Club or travel playing experience is not required but a general understanding of the game is a prerequisite.  Our tryouts are free and open to anyone interested in taking the next step in player development.  Our coaches are seasoned and experienced at identifying potential and talent in even those players who have limited “organized” soccer experience.  

Additional Programs/Benefits:  Licenced and experienced coaching.  2-3 training sessions per week.  Goalkeeping training.  Speed and Agility Training.