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Select Showcase


Our Select / Showcase Program (travel) players and teams represent the portion of our program that has completed the developmental transition to 11v11 full-sided soccer.  They will represent Stones River Futbol Club in state and regional competitions and will set a standard that our younger groups will someday aspire to match or potentially surpass.

What to Expect:  Players should be prepared for a positive, intense, and competitive training environment. The primary focus will be strengthening core technical foundations while adding more advanced tactical elements.  The balance of technical to tactical training will tilt heavily toward the tactical side in the team setting.  Players are expected to be fully committed to individual skills training and conditioning outside of practice.

Families should be prepared to travel to compete in regional tournaments, out-of-state tournaments, and state and regional league play.  

Level of Play:  Competitive to highly competitive level of play.  Our teams will train to compete against some of the best teams and clubs in our region and across the country.   

Previous Playing Experience Required:  Players should have experience playing at or beyond a select academy level.  

Additional Programs/Benefits:  Licenced and experienced coaching.  2-3 training sessions per week.  Goalkeeping training.  Speed and Agility Training.